Jurgen Kronig

JK is an award winning Journalist, Author, Broadcaster and Photographer. He has been Great Britain and Ireland Correspondent for German Broadcasting and since 1990, he writes for the German weekly paper and various publications in Germany, Switzerland and the UK. He has lived in England since 1984, first in London, then in Wiltshire. Krönig, who has a degree in Political Science and History, has written extensively about globalisation and global resources, media and democracy, environmental issues like climate change, GM agriculture and BSE. In 2005 he was awarded an OBE - Order Of The British Empire - from Her Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, for his outstanding contribution to British German relations.


A keen walker and photographer, he became fascinated by the ancient sites and landscapes of Britain and Ireland. His travels in search of ancient cultures and remote landscapes took him from the Americas to Nepal, Vietnam and Cambodia, from Ireland to the Mediteranian and Egypt. Inspired by his friend, the author John Michell, who coined the phrase Simulacra to describe faces and forms in nature, he began to photograph the extraordinary variety of art forms in the natural world and published a selection of these images in his book "The Secret Face of Nature". Faces, anthropomorphic forms and  mythological figures are not only the first “art”, created by natural forces, sand, wind, water and vulcanism. They seem to have played an important role in the development of human art and religion. All over the world until this day Simulacra were recognised by humans.